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in a new mechanism of system to replace the old in medicine have medical mechanism, which is the cheap designer handbags
cattle nets", and click "online voting" found that, the original vote is paid, 1 yuan 1 ticket.

"If you have to vote online, by pay treasure, net silver or cell phone pays fee." HeXianSheng cheap designer wallets
said, let people will choose the doctors like this is a good thing, but if will pay it is stale, "so, mean who's money, who can election?"

【 operation 】 can buy tickets into batch quantity
discount designer handbags

According to HeXianSheng provide web site, reporter found "purple cattle nets", "popular activities" column in the article 1 is: ningxiang county "open the door the medical" advanced unit and "top ten doctors, top ten nurses, top ten technicians" selection activities to officially cheap fashion jewelry online
launch the public vote. The organizer of the communist party of China's activities for: health committee, ningxiang county health bureau ningxiang county. Joint unit: south porch culture.
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A web page can vote, four ways through text messages, vote, fixed telephone network voting, vote, mobile phone voice vote, before two kinds of hunan limited user, the latter two are nationwide, discount designer shoes
charges are for 1 yuan/ticket (excluding TongXinFei).

In the bottom of the web page is going to take part in the selection of photos and personnel name, the photo below all have "online voting", "detailed introduction" two buttons. Click on the "online voting", reporter discovery, the voters still can choose votes, one vote, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 votes mens clothes online
six. Reporter chose 100 votes and pay treasure to pay, but the show for: hunan landscape technology Co., LTD, order of $100.00.

【 explain 】 24 hours to prevent business into the monitor?

"A lot of the public, in order to ensure the fair and justice, is with a limited number of IP address vote, general a IP address can throw a ticket or a few votes, the vote was ningxiang designer handbags wholesale
interesting, could actually a cast 100 votes. Such Settings, apparently to make money." HeXianSheng said.

Ningxiang county health bureau in the health information online, the reporter ningxiang found designer handbags on sale
"about in the county development" open the door the medical "advanced unit and" top ten doctors, top ten nurses, top ten technicians "selection activities, notice of. At the same time, the reporter found in ningxiang, health information nets also opens a link to the contest entry.

didn't change needle, and also didn't give needle disinfection, is ready to give the second cows injection. Last year on a home a cow in the vaccinated 15 days after death, family doubt is not cheap designer sunglasses online
caused by needle disinfection. Therefore, he blocked in the not to let the man before the injection. However, this young man insisted. The dispute young man suddenly will needle pierced into his left thumb. DengHaiKun says, when he ran back to the house, behold the man from houses, and chased into a few door box on the ear, and kicked him several feet didn't leave. DengHaiKun said three
veterinary left soon after, he will feel nausea and dizziness, and itchy all over.
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