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The high-end water Cheap Supra Shoes mineral water because of the practice of double standards at home and abroad, repeatedly boarded domestic quality control blacklist Not only that, the price abroad is much cheaper than at home.Chinese valley Ms. claiming to be a decade of living in the Supra Vaider said that, the Haagen-Dazs in the United States price is very cheap, also two or three, the Americans almost Haagen Dazs not cold, let alone as a brand respected. In China, the Haagen-Dazs ice cream has become the "aristocracy", which Supra Skytop many Americans.In addition, Ajisen Ramen, Yoshinoya Fast Food "foreign brand" in their own home, they are also very "civilians" can be fought in China, not only to restore vitality, even transformed Supra Skytop 2 into a "noble".Expensive, in poor quality, this is not alluding to our silly? "For the behavior of foreign brands, yesterday, the reporter interviewed a random part of the consumer. Many consumers believe that foreign brands such behavior is in fact discriminatory pricing, Supra Skytop 3 but who is spoiled these foreign brands? Why foreign brands dare to do it?Montblanc (China) Co., the Chinese district director, general manager Lu Xiaoming decryption luxury brand pricing Road had mentioned in the Chinese market, the tariffs up to account for about 5% of the final retail price of luxury brand pricing strategies all .For foreign brands Supra High Tops this "differentiated" approach, the industry believes that China is an extremely important market for multinational companies, but they are not from the mentality of great importance to China. "Relied on good products", feel can "emboldened"."This is actually discriminatory pricing." Supra TK Society the Henan Business Economic Association executive vice president, the Secretary-General, that the present foreign brands at home and abroad to implement two pricing behavior of double standards, Supra TK Society Mid reflects the people a psychological, that is the thirst for foreign brands and worship syndrome.In addition, it also shows that China's domestic high-end of similar brand competition is not sufficient, to introduce a similar brand to compete, then prices will naturally come Supra Stevie Williams S1W down.For this behavior of the foreign brands, foreign brands, lack of business ethics, relative to foreign, domestic labor costs are much lower, despite the tariff increase, Justin Bieber Supra Shoes but the price should be relatively consistent, or allow foreign brands in China price appropriate some, but not abnormally high.Song Xiangqing suggested that the next Supra Owen step the government should strengthen supervision services, pricing and other foreign brands, guide, management. We welcome them to enter the Chinese market, but to follow the rules of international business, you can not dictate prices to harm the interests of consumers in Radii Shoes. But also to strengthen the introduction of the same kind and grade of competing brands, advocacy, and return to a rational competition up to ensure that the price of foreign brands.
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